Help With Repayments

If you have difficulty making your payments because your circumstances have changed, please contact us on 0300 500 0975 or 01207 523 182. We are always happy to help you.

We can help by:

  • reducing your repayments to a level that you can afford, which would mean it could take you longer to clear your account than your 2 year HP agreement
  • in exceptional circumstances like losing your job or income, or the Coronavirus pandemic (or any future pandemic), we can offer a maximum 3 month payment freeze, without penalties. This means your payments would take longer to complete the HP agreement. After the agreed freeze period you would resume your repayments and also have the option of increasing your payments to complete the agreement on time. You would not be charged penalties like extra interest or late payment fees for this.
  • you still have your right to return the product once you have paid at least half (50%) which would clear your account with us. This is stated in your agreement in, “Termination: Your Rights”
  • you can use one of the first two options above and at a later date you are still entitled to repay early, if you choose.

Smarterbuys Store is a charity and has never charged late payment fees or extra interest to cover an extended agreement. Your Total Payable is always the Total Payable.

You will also still be entitled to your £26 savings cashback once the agreement is complete, whether you have been in arrears or not during the agreement.